Tuesday, September 6, 2011

back to school

Hot damn that summer sped on by... so fast that there was hardly any studio mojo at all! T'was mighty tough to conjure up when there were so many quick get-aways to get away on and beaches a'beckoning.  That doesn't mean that cool things, neat ideas, new templates and hot combinations were not happening- oh no- it just means that after a few months away from the hammer, lovely September is going to grant Lover Fighter the time and space needed to execute it all.  Stay tuned for major updates!

Meanwhile, some inspiration for what is to come (and soon)

xox Lover Fighter
                                        strange-eerie-detailed meets clean-polished-retro                                     

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jewels for a Cause THIS THURSDAY!

Jewelry not on your list?  Don't worry, Lover Fighter has you covered.  Get right out of this dismal weather and feast your keys on these delicious attachments in bright leather with solid brass hardware.  Now you're talking... with your bag!  
See you on Thursday at Jewels for a Cause! xo Lover Fighter

Monday, May 23, 2011

This is the best event we have ever been a part of.  Not only do we contribute to very worthy charities (last year we raised over 10,000$ in 3 hours) but it is smokin' busy and super fun.  Oh, and does Lover Fighter have some goodies for you to feast on this time... behold the Nuggetry!  The new line features beautiful nuggets of pyrite (fool's gold) and Quartz chunks on elegant gold chain- so perfect for the summer that is bound to come.  
See you there! xo Lover Fighter

Long chain with Aqua Marine chunk; three charm necklace
pyrite earrings

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears- Oh my!

Well, actually, it's more like: Unicorns, Sealions and Whales.  Details, details!  So many new and fun items in preparation for the next big event... Lover Fighter will be in Toronto again for the Spring One of a Kind Show- March 30-April 3.  (Details to follow).  Rings, earrings, more super killer bracelets- all in our favourite metal mash-up of bronze, sterling, brass, and copper.  'Tis a rich mix indeed this Spring. 
Notice the new hang tags?  We hope so, since these beautiful brass crests are make up our new logo.  A crown, a carriage, and some frenchie bird footings- sounds like a good bundle to fight over.  A perfect detail to further embellish your new sealion medallion, no?  See you soon! xox Lover Fighter

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V-Day

Happy Valentine's Day.  To all you Lovers- and Fighters-aren't the ones who are both the most interesting ones?  So why choose.  If you are completely yourself, the ensuing fights will eventually sort themselves out.  So have a good primal scream in the car on the way to that date and prepare to be frighteningly yourself.  That's the love-thyself bit.  It's the best bit going.  A good old-fashioned duel in the name of Love.  Minus the swords.  And the guns.  The duel starts with yourself, and ends in the arms of your dream lover...

xox Lover Fighter

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nautical but Nice

Ah, February.  That magical time of the year when you are finally friends with your mother again... and the memory of a taste sensation named Haggis has been properly suppressed.  

We thought it was high time for some mischief- some general knottiness- and so the theme of the week is leather knots with brass bits.  A knotted leather corsage wristlet- something you always kinda wanted but couldn't put it quite into words- here is hoping  your dreams come true!

Available now at Artina's Jewellery in Vancouver's Gastown.  From $40 CDN.

xox Lover Fighter