Monday, November 22, 2010

Killer bracelet alert

We've had the a-ha moment!  After weeks of toodling around with this design, it's all come together.  This bracelet is made with heavy vintage steel chain and clasped together with a bronze coin and leather.  Our new favourite...
Here is another nice adaptation of the original bronze button bracelet... this time in very nice braided leather for a more polished look...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Vancouver event sale

We're so happy to be joining forces with our favourite Swedish kids clothes and womens coats from Chulo Pony.    See you there on December 2!
 xxo lover fighter

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Trunk Show in Toronto!

Lover Fighter is simply BT (that's 'beyond thrilled') to be having our coming-out party in the big smoke of Toronto!  Our favourite friends at The Department Gallery are hosting a trunk show for one lovely night... 

Saturday, November 27th from 7-10pm 
Please RSVP to the Gallery!!
So pass this on to your Toronto people who love to fight for their jewelry!  Just kidding, there will be plenty of all styles to go all round.  Oh, and please rsvp.
See you soon, xo lover fighter

Saturday, November 13, 2010

More new things!

skinny flat 25" with black patent leather
Why do we fight the holiday season so?  It's true, there's that commercial push that begins right after All Hallows that is so distasteful... one does hate to be pushed into a whole new season when there are still leaves clinging to the odd tree... but let's face it: Winter and all its promises is arguably the most exciting- well, the most glittery for sure.  Lover Fighter is with you.  Lover Fighter understands your difficulty in transition.  Alas.  Lo and behold, despite all the planning, despite the loathing of letting-go-of-Autumn, some antique brass flat chain has re-surfaced in the last few days and has literally taken over the studio.  And with that, dear friends, comes bling.  Which brings us to the impeding season of... you guessed it: the Holidays!  Let Lover Fighter help your woes, your loss, your struggle with the acceptance of Old Man Winter by sharing these spectacular new necklaces that you will love for all the seasons to come.  xo
thick flat 36" with platinum matte leather

Monday, November 8, 2010

Colour theory

Fascinating how colour affects us. To some, materials look most rich when bright, clean and polished.  Lover Fighter begs to differ... that is why we sent back the coins to be 'dirtied' twice- to look more used, older, a bit meaner if you will.  They came back looking dug-up and well-loved: having already loved and fought the battles, now ready to peer out, wise and dignified, from your fine clothes!  Here are a few photos of the look, the feel, the history that lover fighter wants you to rock in your own way.  
bronze and sterling coin accents
heavy chain bracelet with coin and leather clasp
chain necklace or wrapped bracelet

In an nutshell, think:  Polish Army meets Marni meets the Dead Weather.  ahhhhh....

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ribbon cuff with bronze button

Blogs are easy.  No debatin'.  You go to open a new blog and it's virtually impossible to not actually have a blog when you close up the shop.  So I am living proof that anyone can do it!  Here's to regular posts which is a good medium for me considering that I am in a creative zone right now... lots of fun new things and I am angling to corner the market on leather pompoms in the near future- how hard can they be?  What to do with them is another matter.  Thoughts?  xo lover figher
This leather suede cuff gathers gently and gives it a feminine look... I wanted to take out the edginess of "leather cuff"while staying true to denim and boots.  Good gracious, hand cream, anyone?
Available in three colours...and all with custom bronze button clasps.  Kiss and Makeup and Violet are currently carrying.