Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ribbon cuff with bronze button

Blogs are easy.  No debatin'.  You go to open a new blog and it's virtually impossible to not actually have a blog when you close up the shop.  So I am living proof that anyone can do it!  Here's to regular posts which is a good medium for me considering that I am in a creative zone right now... lots of fun new things and I am angling to corner the market on leather pompoms in the near future- how hard can they be?  What to do with them is another matter.  Thoughts?  xo lover figher
This leather suede cuff gathers gently and gives it a feminine look... I wanted to take out the edginess of "leather cuff"while staying true to denim and boots.  Good gracious, hand cream, anyone?
Available in three colours...and all with custom bronze button clasps.  Kiss and Makeup and Violet are currently carrying.

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