Saturday, November 13, 2010

More new things!

skinny flat 25" with black patent leather
Why do we fight the holiday season so?  It's true, there's that commercial push that begins right after All Hallows that is so distasteful... one does hate to be pushed into a whole new season when there are still leaves clinging to the odd tree... but let's face it: Winter and all its promises is arguably the most exciting- well, the most glittery for sure.  Lover Fighter is with you.  Lover Fighter understands your difficulty in transition.  Alas.  Lo and behold, despite all the planning, despite the loathing of letting-go-of-Autumn, some antique brass flat chain has re-surfaced in the last few days and has literally taken over the studio.  And with that, dear friends, comes bling.  Which brings us to the impeding season of... you guessed it: the Holidays!  Let Lover Fighter help your woes, your loss, your struggle with the acceptance of Old Man Winter by sharing these spectacular new necklaces that you will love for all the seasons to come.  xo
thick flat 36" with platinum matte leather

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