Monday, November 8, 2010

Colour theory

Fascinating how colour affects us. To some, materials look most rich when bright, clean and polished.  Lover Fighter begs to differ... that is why we sent back the coins to be 'dirtied' twice- to look more used, older, a bit meaner if you will.  They came back looking dug-up and well-loved: having already loved and fought the battles, now ready to peer out, wise and dignified, from your fine clothes!  Here are a few photos of the look, the feel, the history that lover fighter wants you to rock in your own way.  
bronze and sterling coin accents
heavy chain bracelet with coin and leather clasp
chain necklace or wrapped bracelet

In an nutshell, think:  Polish Army meets Marni meets the Dead Weather.  ahhhhh....

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