Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears- Oh my!

Well, actually, it's more like: Unicorns, Sealions and Whales.  Details, details!  So many new and fun items in preparation for the next big event... Lover Fighter will be in Toronto again for the Spring One of a Kind Show- March 30-April 3.  (Details to follow).  Rings, earrings, more super killer bracelets- all in our favourite metal mash-up of bronze, sterling, brass, and copper.  'Tis a rich mix indeed this Spring. 
Notice the new hang tags?  We hope so, since these beautiful brass crests are make up our new logo.  A crown, a carriage, and some frenchie bird footings- sounds like a good bundle to fight over.  A perfect detail to further embellish your new sealion medallion, no?  See you soon! xox Lover Fighter